Welcome to the E-MILS Registry, the European Registry of Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery!

Via this website you will be able to participate to the E-MILS Registry by entering data into the database about patients undergoing minimally invasive liver resections at your institution.The Registry is designed to include data of patients undergoing liver resection with any minimally invasive approach including pure laparoscopic, hand-assisted, laparoscopic-assisted, single incision laparoscopic surgery and robotic liver resections. 

Also, data collection is intended to be on an intention-to-treat basis. Therefore, the inclusion of any attempted minimally invasive liver resection is encouraged, irrespectively of occurred intraoperative conversion.

This project has been endorsed by the European-African Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association Education Committee (E-AHPBA), which regards the registry establishment as an important tool in monitoring the role of minimally invasive liver resections and evaluating patient outcomes across Europe. Hence, as a E-MILS Registry Member you will give a determinant contribution on later results with every single entry into the Registry. 

Many thanks for your valuable contribution. 

Mohammed Abu Hilal

On the behalf of the E-MILS Registry Committee