REgistry Committee

Prof. B. Edwin

As Professor of Minimal Invasive Surgery, Medical Faculty, University of Oslo, Professor Bjørn Edwin has worked for Research & Development in Minimal invasive therapy in HPB surgery: eg QoL, economic studies, immunological studies, gene studies in bio bank (COMET study), survival etc and minimal invasive therapy in colon surgery, urology, transplant surgery and pediatric surgery. Professor Edwin has also worked with local ablation in liver malignances, Cryotherapy, Radio frequency ablation and High Intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and Research & Development into Implants of Biomedical material and passive and Interactive navigation maps for liver surgery.

Professor Edwin has been the main and co supervisor for 21 PhD candidates, >180 peer reviewed articles, approx. 450 abstracts and 5 book chapters.  Teaching activities have involved laparoscopic general surgery and laparoscopic HPB surgery and he have been visiting surgeon in different hospitals and countries for teaching and demonstrating operations e.g. (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Italia, Bosnia, Germany, Lebanon, Russia, Armenia, Belgium etc.)