REgistry Committee

Dr. R. Ciria

Ruben Ciria was born in 1980. He graduated in Medicine at Cordoba-Spain and started his training as a general surgeon. He achieved his PhD degree in 2009. He completed a fellowship in liver transplantation at King’s College Hospital in London with Prof. Nigel Heaton during 2010 and 2011. In 2014, he spent 3 months at Morioka (Iwate University Hospital) with Prof. Wakabayashi and at Tokyo (Komagome Hospital) with Prof. Honda in order to improve his skills in minimally invasive liver surgery. From 2011 to date, he is a Consultant in HBP Surgery and Liver Transplantation at Cordoba-Spain.

He has the European Board certification of multiorgan retrieval and liver transplantation surgeon. He has published more than 50 manuscripts in the most relevant surgical journals. He was awarded in 2015 with the Young Investigator Award from the International Liver Transplantation Society and has been active member of the 2014 Consensus Meeting in Laparoscopic Liver Surgery held in Morioka and of the 2017 European Guidelines Meeting in Laparoscopic Liver Surgery held in Southampton. He has recently participated as the Scientific Coordinator of the Consensus Guidelines Meeting in Minimally Invasive Donor Hepatectomy held in Seoul in 2019 and is one of the members of the International Committee on Robotic Surgery from the International Laparoscopic Liver Society.